Voluntary Product Recalls Protect Companies as well as Consumers

Products, foods, drugs, and almost anything bought and used by the public may be recalled by government agencies if they are found to be harmful, or even potentially harmful, to consumers. Depending on the type of good or aspect of production at issue, one of the following agencies generally has the responsibility of monitoring and testing a product’s safety:

United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) – Consumer products, including toys, appliances, and other household goods

In some cases, recalls are “compulsory,” which means the product supplier or manufacture did not take action to prevent a hazardous product from entering the marketplace. Often, however, a supplier or manufacturer discovers that a product is dangerous or defective and voluntarily initiates a product recall. A voluntary product recall occurred in Florida recently, when in December, South Florida Bakery issued a voluntary recall on several varieties of Publix Bakery Coconut Macaroons, called “Coquitos.” The macaroons were recalled because the ingredient list on the packaging failed to include a milk ingredient present in the product.

For people who are allergic or extremely sensitive to milk, eating the product could result in a serious or life-threatening allergic reaction. The recall was reported to the FDA, as was a request for consumers to return any purchased Coquitos to a Publix store for a refund or replacement. While a voluntary recall works to limit liability for corporate negligence (and also minimize damage to a company’s reputation and/or brand name), suppliers and manufacturers may still be held responsible for any harm their oversight or mistake caused to a consumer.

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