FAQ: Learn More About Social Security Disability

Information on Social Security Disability

Social Security Disability or SSD, is a term used to describe government benefits you might receive if you become disabled and are no longer able to work.

Because SSD can be tricky (for example, many people are denied Social Security Disability the first time they apply for it), it’s best to hire an experienced attorney skilled at helping clients apply for and obtain SSD benefits.

Meanwhile, you can educate yourself on some of the most frequently asked questions about Social Security Disability.

1. How Do I Qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits?

The SSD qualification process is complex, but the two main qualifications are:

2. What Does the SSA Consider a “Disability” When It Comes to SSD Benefits?

Generally, you’re considered disabled if your medical condition makes it so that:

Proving such a disability is, again, a complex process that requires work from you, your physicians, and a Social Security Disability attorney.

3. How Does the SSA Decide If I’m Disabled?

The SSA has its own complex process for deciding if you’re disabled, but generally they consider whether or not:

4. Are There Any Special Situations for SSD Benefits?


Again, the SSA and your lawyer can go over these special situations with you in detail, but they include situations related to:

5. Should I Apply for SSD Benefits On My Own?


Because applying for and obtaining Social Security Disability benefits is a complex, government-related process, it’s always best to obtain the services of an attorney with experience in SSD benefits specifically.

Fortunately, the Law Team of Fetterman & Associates, PA fits that bill. We can help you make your initial application for SSD benefits as well as appeal any denials you might be issued. Give us a call at 561-845-2510 or contact us online today. Our consultations are free so you have nothing to lose!

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