How Motorcycles, Bicyclists, and Trucks Can Be a Deadly Combination

The hard truth is that when a bicyclist or motorcyclist gets into a “fight” (or accident) with a car or truck, they will always lose. Riding a motorcycle or bicycle are both very common in Florida all year round, especially with mild winters. Therefore, trucks and cars need to pay special attention to these smaller vehicles to avoid an accident.

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Trucks and Bikes Don’t Mix

Although heavy trucks like 18-wheelers and box trucks, including garbage trucks and dump trucks, make up just a few of the vehicles on the road, they are responsible for a disproportionate number of accidents that involve bicycles or pedestrians. The problem is far worse in urban areas, like Port St. Lucie or West Palm Beach.

Usually truck and bike crashes involve the smaller vehicle hitting the side of the truck. This is usually because the truck turned in front of a bicyclist. Accidents also occur when someone opens a car door right in front of the bicyclist. Often, when an accident occurs, the cyclist is “sucked” under the truck, causing more damage than just a simple collision.

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Specific Instances in Florida

The nicer weather in Florida also makes pedestrians, bicyclists, and motorcyclists more likely to be out and about, which in turn means the potential for more accidents.

Here are just a few examples of deadly collisions that have involved a vehicle and bicyclist in Florida:

What many of these accidents have in common is that the driver could have prevented the accident if they were only paying better attention and specifically watching out for bicyclists.

A Growing Problem in Growing Cities

Unfortunately, bicyclists are a growing percentage of all traffic deaths in the United States. View the specific figures here.

Experts predict that this problem will continue to grow as well. This is partly because commerce is bringing large trucks to cities and even residential areas at higher rates.

This is also happening while people are being encouraged to get outside in an effort to maintain healthier lifestyles.

Many cities are also incorporating bicycle lanes and other road improvements to encourage cyclists to get out on the street with the other traffic. It is unclear whether this encouragement will help with safety or increase accidents.

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