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Q: Actos vs. Avandia: Which is safer for type-2 diabetes patients in Florida?

A: With all the press coverage concerning these medications, it’s no wonder diabetics are worried about which blood sugar drug to choose. But a recent study shows that the risk factors for both Avandia and Actos may not be all that different-and both have the potential for life-threatening consequences.

According to the American Heart Association’s journal Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes, the risk of heart attack in patients using Actos and Avandia was about the same.

The study compared patients taking the active drugs rosiglitazone (Avandia) and pioglitazone (Actos), with the following results:

  • 96 Avandia patients suffered heart attacks, compared to 121 patients on Actos.
  • 265 patients taking Avandia and 243 taking Actos suffered heart failure.
  • 24 patients on Avandia and 18 on Actos suffered both heart attack and heart failure, and
  • The same number of patients, 217, died as a result of Avandia and Actos.

If these numbers hold steady, it can be estimated that 4% of patients who take either drug for more than two years will experience a cardiac event or death.

If you have experienced any suffering as a result of taking Actos in Florida, you could be entitled to compensation. Call Fetterman & Associates today for information from an experienced West Palm Beach Actos class action attorney.

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