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Q: How can I tell if Actos caused my medical condition in West Palm Beach?

A: Since Actos has become notorious for contributing to bladder cancer, heart problems, and bone fractures, it is very likely that anyone who develops these conditions while taking Actos may be suffering a known side effect. However, an Actos class action suit requires proof that your ailment was directly caused by the drug.

There are a few ways to determine whether your condition was a side effect of taking Actos in Florida:

  • Testing before and after : Due to the high risks associated with Actos, doctors are advised to perform blood tests before and during treatment to monitor liver function.
  • Recorded symptoms : If a patient experiences chest pain, edema, or urinary trouble within the first few weeks of taking Actos, the drug was very likely the cause-especially if the patient had never suffered these symptoms before.
  • At-risk patients : Doctors are advised not to prescribe Actos to patients being treated for cancer, who have a history of cancer, or who are already at a high risk for heart disease or coronary problems. However, this does not mean that anyone with these conditions is exempt from seeking damages if Actos has caused a heart attack, stroke, or recurrence of cancer.

While pioglitazone medications such as Actos are dangerous, they are also unpredictable-so it may be hard to prove that your suffering was the drug company’s fault. An experienced West Palm Beach Actos class action attorney should request medical records and other hard evidence in your case, in order to prove that the drug was directly related to your suffering.

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