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Q: What kinds of cancer can Actos cause for Florida patients?

A: It seems that cancer is a common side-effect of diabetes medications. While many drugs offer lifesaving health benefits, they also put a significant strain on the system, and can result in organ damage with prolonged use.
Unfortunately, that’s just the environment cancer needs to rear its ugly head. Here are a few ways that Actos has been linked to cancer in Florida diabetics:

  • Bladder Cancer : The evidence against bladder cancer while taking Actos was so strong that the drug was banned in France and Germany after a review by the French medicines commission.
  • Kidney Cancer : While strong medications will often put a strain on the renal system, Actos has been linked to kidney cancer and kidney failure in patients under long-term use.
  • Liver Cancer : Patients taking Actos must endure constant liver function tests to check for liver problems, including liver toxicity, failure, and toxic hepatitis-possibly requiring a transplant if the symptoms cannot be treated.

Just because you are taking these medications does not mean you should suffer their life-threatening consequences. If you have been injured as a result of taking Actos in West Palm Beach,Contact Fetterman & Associates office or Call at  561-845-2510 today.

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