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Q: Motorcycle accident injuries: Do I have a broken collarbone?

A: A broken collarbone, or clavicle, is a common Florida motorcycle injury. The collarbone may fracture when a rider holds out his arms to prevent a fall or as his shoulder makes contact with the pavement. Some of the symptoms of a broken clavicle include:

  • Pain
  • Swelling
  • Limited ability to move arm or shoulder
  • A lump or bruise over the collarbone
  • Visible protrusion under the skin
  • A “snap” sound as the bone breaks

A broken collarbone can be extremely painful, and requires medical attention immediately following Read More

Q: How does speeding affect my Florida car accident case?

A: A vehicle’s speed is a common contributing factor in a West Palm Beach car accident, but it’s also the easiest factor to control. Studies have shown that decreasing speed, even one mile an hour, will decrease the accident rate as much as 4% before any other factors are even considered, such as weather, road conditions and time of day.

How can a speeding driver affect your auto accident case ?

  • Higher injuries: Since speeding cars take much more force to stop, the accidents they cause often inflict much more damage to Florida car accident victims.
  • Shows recklessness: A driver that ignores speeding regulations may ignore other rules, such as talking on a cell phone, running red lights, or forgoing car insurance.
  • Aggressive or impaired driving: By speeding, a driver is demonstrating poor judgment. This could be an effect of driving while tired, stressed, or even under the influence.

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Since Read More

Q: Is it time for my elderly father to stop driving?

A: It can be hard to tell a parent that it’s time to hang up their keys. Seniors are afraid to lose their autonomy, and losing the ability to drive may signal a loss of freedom. However, it’s easier to have a conversation about driving than it is to risk your loved one’s life in a Florida car accident.

Some signs that your elderly relative should Read More

Q: A driver in a rental car hit my car in West Palm Beach; however, they were not listed as a driver on the rental car agreement. They also aren’t listed on the renter’s personal insurance policy. Both the rental car company and the insurance company are saying they are not responsible for my claim. Who pays for my injuries and repairs?

A: So long as this Florida auto accident was not your fault, the driver of the other vehicle should be held liable for damages. This is where a police report is crucial to your case.

A police report will not only list the cause and fault of the accident, but it will also include the name and information of the driver responsible. If you do not have Read More

Q: Does Florida Have A Texting Ban?

A: Governor Charlie Christ promised to sign a Florida ban on text messaging, but no distracted driving legislation succeeded during 2010. In 2009, Florida legislature also rejected bills that would limit drivers’ use of cell phones and text messaging devices.

More than a dozen vehicle safety bills regarding talking and texting have been under consideration Read More

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