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Legal Assistant

Born in Queens, New York, Karen Camacho moved to West Palm Beach, Florida with her mom, Maria, and younger sister, Jovana, when she was 8 years old. Having grown up in a Colombian home, she proudly speaks of always being surrounded by her loving family, delicious food, and lively music. Karen went on to attend and graduate from A.W. Dreyfoos High School of the Arts in 2009 where she majored in their dance program. Shortly after, with absolutely no experience nor a college degree, she interviewed and was given the opportunity to join a well-known personal injury firm in South Florida, where she was trained and responsible to handle property damage cases from start to finish. She immediately loved the challenges involved in working with and for attorneys and their clients and describes loving being on her toes intellectually and on a personal level. The legal path has followed her even through her residing in different states- her hometown was calling her name and so she decided to move to New York City where she gained employment as Client Services Coordinator to a premiere New York City staffing firm serving a range of business sectors including legal, corporate, media, technology, financial and non-profit. She eventually came back south and briefly worked for an immigration attorney in Atlanta, Georgia where she continued to provide top-notch support. Karen truly enjoys what she does and will continue to pursue her passion for helping English and Spanish speaking victims here at Fetterman and Associates, bringing a great wealth of diversified experience to our team.

In addition to working at the Law Team, Ms. Camacho enjoys spending her free time laughing and getting together with her family or taking pictures with her photographer boyfriend, Gabriel. She continues to love to dance for relaxation and health and enjoys being outdoors and at the beach.

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