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Are Expert Witnesses Necessary in Personal Injury Cases?

Personal Injury Cases

If you have recently suffered an injury in Florida because of someone else’s negligence, then you may have questions about how your personal injury attorney will prepare your defense strategy. One strategy that your Florida personal injury attorney may use is hiring an expert witness.

Learn more about expert witnesses and why they may be beneficial Read More

3 Types of Catastrophic Injuries that May Result in Paralysis

West Palm Beach Catastrophic Injury Attorney

There is no question that paralysis can be a devastating condition that may significantly change the life of the victim, as well as their family. Victims who suffer from a paralyzing injury typically need extensive medical treatment, ongoing physical therapy and other types of long-term care. In most cases, these individuals have to use a wheelchair Read More

Preventing Personal Injury When Driving In the Rain

Preventing Personal Injury When Driving In the Rain

The weather in the tropics can be unpredictable. Clear skies can give way to heavy downpour in a matter of minutes. Florida, the only state on continental America with a tropical climate, is occasionally pummeled by heavy rain and powerful thunderstorms. Rain always calls for extra caution among drivers. A failure to recognize the changes in road Read More

The Unique Dangers of Driving Near Tractor Trailers

Tractor Trailer Accident Lawyer

There are countless tractor-trailers driving on roads and interstates at any given time of day or night. While big rig trucks play an extremely important role in the economy, with all these large vehicles on the road, the number of tractor trailer related accidents is shockingly high.

As most people know, being involved in a crash with a tractor trailer Read More

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