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No one ever plans on being hurt in an accident. Yet, residents in West Palm Beach to Port St. Lucie and all over Florida are hurt in an accident every day as a result of others’ mistakes and carelessness. From car accidents, truck accidents, and even slip and fall accidents, whenever a company or individual is found negligent, Florida residents may have their lives turned upside down in accidents that could have been prevented.

Fetterman & Associates, P.A. wants to educate you of the legal rights you have. We are proud to help people receive the compensation in a settlement they need and deserve. Give us a call at 561-316-2746 or a send an online message now.

Experienced West Palm Beach Car Accident Lawyers

Under civil law, anyone who acts negligently and causes harm to another is liable for the consequences of his or her actions. This includes a driver who causes a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident or even accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians or bicyclists. A vehicle accident injury is the most common type of personal injury case in West Palm Beach and throughout Florida—and is often the most serious.

If you have been injured due to driver error, you have rights and deserve to fight for a settlement. Call us today to get Fetterman & Asscociates, P.A. on your side today.

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