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Rear End Accident: Minor for Cars, Major for Motorcycles

Any motor vehicle accident can be physically and mentally traumatizing, to some degree. Not to mention the damage to your vehicle. Whether it’s a minor fender bender or a major accident that causes you significant personal injuries, you somehow suffer.

Car and Motorcyles Accidents Attorney And, if that accident was a rear-end crash to your motorcycle, things are generally much worse.

You are much more likely to lose complete control of your bike, skid sideways on the ground, crash into the car in front of you, or careen off into the guardrail if you are hit from behind while on a motorcycle.

Your bike may flip end over end, or you may get thrown from your bike. As you can imagine, the injuries can be severe and even deadly.

Motorcycles Do NOT Have the Same Safety Devices as a Car

It may seem obvious, but motorcycles simply do not provide you with as much protection as a car does—regardless of how safely you drive. Getting rear ended while you are in a car may cause structural damage to your vehicle and you may suffer neck and back injuries.

The rear end crash may be a tap or it may be strong enough to push you into the car in front of you or cause you to lose control of your car. If that happens, you may suffer much more than neck and/or back injuries.

But, at least your car has seat belts, airbags, and some protection from the elements.

If the same rear end crash happens while you are the driver or a passenger on a motorcycle, then the damage will be a lot worse. Even a tiny tap may send you over the handlebars. You may then hit the pavement or the car in front of you—or the windshield of the car traveling in the opposite direction.

However the rear end accident happens, you will suffer more than if the same accident happened while you were in a car. And while helmets help, but they may not be enough protection.

Rear End Motorcycle Accidents Are More Common Than You Think

Motorcycle accidents happen every day in Florida. Many motorcycle accidents happen because bikes are harder to see than cars. Cars often change lanes without seeing motorcycles and cause collisions. Another common reason motorcycle accidents occur is the “sudden stop” rear-end accident.

Whether a car or motorcycle stops abruptly, there is an increased likelihood that a rear end crash may happen. And, as discussed above, a rear end crash into a motorcycle can be very different than a rear end accident with a car.

Meet an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney

If you think your motorcycle accident may have been caused by another driver’s negligence, you should contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible. They can evaluate your situation and decide if you have a case to help regain some of what you lost because of your accident.

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