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Top 4 Notes to Take Immediately After an Accident

car accidentWhether you were injured in a car accident or even a boating accident, the details matter. Even the smallest detail can change the outcome of your injury lawsuit later on; therefore, it is best to write everything down after an accident.

Having the right notes will remind you about what happened and make your account of the event easier to prove in court. Keep a notepad nearby, in case details start to come back that you may have forgotten to add the first time.

Accident Details

You need to write down everything you can recall about the accident, including:

  • How it happened
  • What you were doing or where you were going
  • Any people that were with you
  • The time, date, and weather conditions
  • Details of what you heard, felt, and saw
  • Anything you remember hearing

Injury Details

Next, you need notes about your injuries. These notes will grow over the next few days as injuries become more apparent. Some things you need to list include:

  • When the pain or discomfort started and where.
  • Other suffrage you have, such as anxiety, trouble sleeping, etc.
  • How severe the pain is on a scale of 1-10 each day.
  • Medications you take to alleviate the pain.

It is important to see a doctor immediately after your accident. Even if you write down details, having a professional diagnose and confirm your pain will help your case in court.


After an accident you are likely to experience some losses. These can include loss of wages, family time, education time, etc. Write down any losses you encounter and be specific. Missing out on family events because you are recovering is also a loss that you will want to document carefully.

Conversations with Others

Any time you speak with someone about the accident, including your own attorney and doctor, write down the date, time, whom you spoke to, and the details about your discussion.

Injured? Call an Experienced West Palm Beach Personal Injury attorney

If you or a loved one was injured in an accident, then you need professional assistance. The team at Fetterman & Associates, PA can help you with your accident case. Whether you were injured in a car accident, truck accident or even because of a malfunctioning product, we can assist you with your claim. Call us now at 561-845-2510 for a free consultation.

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Can You Sue for Lost Wages in a Car Accident?

Lost Wages in a Car AccidentAfter a car accident, your car accident attorney will calculate the damages. These damages are then requested in the injury lawsuit. While lost wages and potential future earnings are often included, the situation regarding your injury does come into play.

Lost wages are requested when you have taken time away from work (due to the injury) as well as the time away from work during the trial. If your injuries are more extensive, future wages could be added to the bill.

But, there are several factors that determine when you can request lost wages as well as future wages (also known as your earning capacity).

Requesting Compensation for Lost Wages

Lost wages are considered a special damage category. This category includes all out-of-pocket expenses you incurred due to your injury. Special damages often have a clear monetary amount. After all, you can calculate how much money you didn’t make while you were away from work.

You can request lost wages through your attorney by proving that the injury minimized how often you were at work, took away from your sick leave, vacation time, and so on as applicable.

Requesting Loss of Future Wages

Requesting compensation for the loss of future wages is more difficult than lost wages. When an injury results in you being unable to work or you will be working less than you had in the past, you may request earning capacity damages.

Your future earning capacity amount, however, is harder to calculate. The court will first take a look at past earnings. Then, they will consider your age, life expectancy, and your occupation or skill. If you can prove that you were injured in a car accident and you are permanently disabled, then the courts will then determine how much money you would have made up until your retirement age.

If you are only partially disabled, then the courts will then consider how much you can earn on minimal hours or if you’re forced to change jobs.

It is Best to Consult an Attorney

Requesting lost wages requires the assistance of a personal injury attorney. If you have been injured in a car accident, then your attorney can determine the amount of wages you can seek for compensation, and the likelihood your claim will be approved by the courts.

The West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers at Fetterman & Associates, PA can meet with you for a free consultation regarding your car accident lawsuit. Call us now at 561-449-2372.

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4 Things the Insurance Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

Insurance Company Insurance companies are often quick to offer a settlement after reporting an injury. But, if you receive a settlement offer, do not accept it without speaking to a personal injury attorney first. Insurance companies are for-profit, meaning they don’t make any money when they pay money. That is why they instruct their insurance adjusters to do everything they can to reduce payout amounts and resolve claims quickly, often before the injured party knows the extent of his or her injuries.

If you have an insurance settlement offer coming in, do not accept it until you speak to an attorney. Be sure to also keep these things in mind that the insurance company doesn’t want you to know.

Insurance Companies are Not Your Friend

An insurance company, despite how nice they are, is not your friend. They are in the business of making money; therefore the less they give you after an injury, the more they will have in their pocket. Adjusters try to trick you into thinking they are your friend. They will be nice, pretend they understand what you are going through, but in the end it is their job to give you the lowest settlement possible.

They Don’t Want You to Hire an Attorney

If you have an attorney, insurance companies know they have to pay you more. That is why they will go out of their way to make attorneys seem greedy, lazy or as an unnecessary component to getting a settlement. Despite what they say, never accept a settlement without consulting an attorney.

Insurance Companies Will Tell You You’re Not Eligible – Even if You Are

Insurance adjusters are known for telling you injuries you cannot claim after an accident, even if they are legitimate and acceptable. They do this so that they can lower the amount they have to give you. They may also try to tell you that certain medical bills are not covered or that you are not entitled to pain and suffering compensation.

Read more about why you need to see a doctor after an accident.

Insurance Adjusters are Negotiators

An insurance adjuster is a practiced negotiator. They know how to get bottom dollar and they will do whatever it takes to do that. But, if you have an attorney, you can level the playing field because you have a skilled negotiator by your side.

Protect Your Rights and Receive Fair Compensation – Call a West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney

You are not obligated to accept a settlement and you have the right to consult an attorney. Do not discuss your claim or injury with insurance agents; instead, call a West Palm Beach car accident attorney from Fetterman & Associates, PA today. We offer free consultations and we can help you receive the settlement you deserve for your injuries. Call us at 561-845-2510.

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Why You Need to Visit a Doctor After a Car Accident

The aftermath of an accident can be overwhelming. It’s often difficult to determine where to begin dealing with the mess. Many are often confused whether to call their insurance company, visit the doctor or wait for the mess to be sorted out, or the order in which to tackle these steps.

West Palm Beach Car Accident lawyerVisiting the doctor immediately after an accident has occurred can be one of the best things for, not only your situation, but for your health.

Health Benefits

Visiting a doctor after a car accident is one of the safest decisions for your health and body. This will help to determine if any injuries are serious or if any injuries are internal.

While you should never leave the scene of an accident, head to the emergency room immediately after the police have been notified of the accident. If you experience any soreness or feel you have been seriously injured, it’s best to seek medical attention right away.

Even if you feel okay after an accident, it’s still wise to visit a doctor. Many internal injuries aren’t always obvious from the beginning. In fact, some injuries don’t show immediate side effects, but still can be serious to your health.

Legal Benefits

Your health takes obvious priority over anything else. If you have sustained any injuries after an accident, visiting a doctor can also help with any legal issues you may encounter from the accident.

For example, if you were injured in an accident and were not at fault, then you can file a lawsuit against the driver at fault to pay for any damages that your own insurance may not cover.

In the state of Florida, you only have a certain window of time to file a lawsuit for your injuries after an accident, even if the injuries worsen. So it is important to immediately see a doctor who can explain the severity of your injuries and determine if you will need long term care or any expenses that may go above and beyond your allotted insurance.

Legal Process for Injuries

After you have visited a doctor and contacted a qualified and skilled West Palm Beach car accident attorney, the process of filing a lawsuit for your injuries is a lot easier.

An attorney will review all details associated with an accident as well as your injuries, including medical expenses such as treatment, obtaining your medical records, gathering evidence that proves how you sustained these injuries, negotiating and more.

Getting a Settlement for Your Accident Injuries

Getting injured during a car accident is a scary and tough situation to handle on your own. After you have contacted and visited a doctor, contact Fetterman & Associates, PA to hire a skilled team of attorneys who will fight or you, evaluate your case, and help you see the settlement you deserve for your accident injuries.

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Wrongful Death Lawsuit in a Car Accident

Dealing with a car accident can be difficult enough, whether you are the driver who caused the accident, a driver who was involved or simply a passenger. Through such a tough time, handling the loss of a loved one can simply make things unbearable.

Wrongful Death Lawsuit in a Car Accident
Wrongful Death Lawsuit in a Car Accident

If you have lost a loved one in a car accident, you may be able to seek a settlement with the driver who was found at fault for a wrongful death claim. Continue reading Wrongful Death Lawsuit in a Car Accident

3 Excuses Your Auto Insurance Company Will Give to Deny Your Claim

Auto Insurance CompanyAfter an auto accident, it is only natural to turn to your insurance carrier. After all, you have paid your premium on time for years, been a great driver, and now it’s their turn to pay you back. But, after going through the extensive claims process and paying out of pocket while you wait for reimbursement, you find that your claim was denied.

Insurance companies do not always approve claims. Often this is because they are looking for ways to get out of paying for someone else’s damages. In fact, the same three reasons they often use for denying most of the U.S. drivers come down to the following:


Liability is something that helps determine who should pay for another person’s losses and injuries in an accident. Your auto insurance carrier is legally required to pay if you are responsible for the accident. But, to avoid paying out on your behalf, your insurance carrier may try to deny that the accident was your fault.

Even if it was obvious you were at fault, your insurance agency may still try to put some of the blame on the injured. While this seems like it is in your favor, what your insurance company is doing is getting out of their responsibility to pay – leaving you to pay for the other party’s injuries and repairs from your own pocket.

Read Also: How To Read An Auto Insurance Policy

Denying Extent of Injuries

If your insurance carrier or the other party’s insurance carrier cannot put fault on someone else, they may try to deny the extent of your injuries or the injuries of the other party. This means they could try to refute that you were injured as bad as you claim, or have their own experts undercut your documented injuries. By performing their own in-house medical review, they will attempt to get out of paying any medical costs.

Denying the Accident Led to Your Injuries

If the injuries are present, but insurance carriers cannot deny their extent, they may turn to cause. This means they may try to claim that the accident did not cause your injuries. Soft-tissue damage, for example, is one injury that insurers will often try to deny, especially because your physician cannot prove it is accident related. Read more about whiplash following an accident.

What to do When Insurance Keeps Denying Your Claim

If your insurance company refuses to pay, regardless if you were at fault or not, you need to get the assistance of a skilled car accident lawyer (learn more about why you may need an attorney). The team at Fetterman & Associates, PA can help you with your accident case.

We will represent you against insurance companies, help you get your claims paid, and ensure your insurance carrier doesn’t try to abandon their responsibility. Call us today for a free consultation at 561-845-2510.

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10 Need-to-Know Facts About Teen Drivers

10 Need-to-Know Facts About Teen DriversSadly, auto accidents are one of the leading causes of deaths for teens in the United States. But, most of these accidents are preventable. Just by knowing the facts, parents and teens alike can prevent these deadly accidents from continuing.

The Statistics Regarding Teen Drivers

According to the CDC, an estimated 2,650 teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 were killed in 2011. There was an astounding 292,000 treated in local hospitals for injuries regarding accidents. It is estimated that seven teenagers between the ages of 16 and 19 die each day in the U.S. from automobile accidents.

Related Posts: Florida Car Accidents and Teen Drivers Offer Safety Concerns

Facts Parents Need to Know About Teen Drivers

1. Teens between the ages of 16 and 19 are at higher risk than any other age group. They are three times more likely to get in an accident than drivers over the age of 20.

2. Males were the highest at risk for accident between the ages of 16 and 19.

3. Studies report that 56 percent of teenagers admit to driving while talking on their cellphones.

4. Teenagers are pressured socially to not speak up when they recognize a friend is driving unsafely. In fact, only 44 percent of teenage drivers said they would speak up.

5. Teens are twice as likely to put on a seat belt if a parent is in the car.

6. About 40 percent of teenage automobile accidents and deaths occurred between the hours of 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.

7. Teens learn their driving habits from their parents; therefore, parents can help their teens avoid deadly accidents by just providing them with good driving habits (and leading by example).

8. Teen drivers are more at risk for an accident each mile they drive over the speed limit.

9. In 2012, 23 percent of drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 were involved in fatal accidents due to drinking alcohol.

10. Teens are more likely to underestimate dangerous driving situations.

Can You Protect Your Teen?

Even if you are not always in the car with your teen, there are things you can do to help prepare your teenage driver for the road. Some things parents can and should do to lower their child’s risk include:

Enforcing seatbelts. Make sure your teen knows the importance of a seatbelt and always wear one yourself to lead by example.

Talk with your teen about drinking and driving. Let them know their options for getting home safely without getting behind the wheel such as taking a cab, having a friend drive, or calling parents for a ride home.

Take additional driver safety courses. These not only help better prepare your teenage driver, but they may even lower your auto insurance premiums.

Was Your Teenager Injured in an Automobile Accident?

While teens are more likely to get into an accident, that accident does not always mean the teen was at fault. If your teen was seriously injured or killed in an automobile accident, you deserve compensation for your pain and suffering. The team of West Palm Beach accident attorneys at Fetterman and Associates, PA can help. To learn all of your options, call 561-693-3872 for a free consultation and evaluation of your case.

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Do You Need a Car Accident Attorney?

experienced West Palm Beach car accident LawyerEven a minor fender bender could need the assistance of an accident attorney. Any time a lawsuit is imminent, you need to contact a legal professional right away. Your attorney can help you reach a proper settlement for damages, pay for your medical expenses, and even get compensation for time away from work or lost wages while you recover.

Here are 5 Reasons You Need to Reconsider:

If you do not think you need a car accident attorney, here are five reasons you need to reconsider:

calculate damages after Car Accident1.   Calculating Damages Isn’t a One-Size-Fits-All Process. You are likely to have injuries, which may include extensive medical bills. While you may know how much you have to pay right now, what about long-term recovery and expenses? The amount you need for injury damages is a lot higher than you might realize. an experienced West Palm Beach car accident attorney can help calculate those damages based on the circumstances of your case.

two cars involved in a car accident2.   Liability May be Split Between Multiple Parties. A car accident most often involves more than two cars. For example, there could be one car that caused another to hit your vehicle. It is important to have an attorney that ensures you are only responsible for your share of the damages (if you were responsible for any), and that liability is split based on the actual event—rather than split evenly between all parties involved.

Uninsured Motorists Involved in a Car Accident3.   Uninsured Motorists Were Involved. It’s difficult to collect from uninsured motorists. While you may have uninsured motorist protection, that may not be enough to cover all of the damages caused by the uninsured driver. A lawyer can help you file a civil suit against the negligent party so that you have medical expenses, time loss, and other damages paid for regardless of how much insurance pays you.

collecting evidence requires a court order4.   Collecting Evidence is Highly Detailed Work. Sometimes collecting evidence requires a court order. Your attorney can help file that order during the discovery phase of your case. For example, the other vehicle may have a monitoring system on the car, which can record a few seconds prior to the crash, helping you prove the other party’s negligence.

Settlements with insurance companies5.   Settlements Can Go South. Settlements with insurance companies never work in your favor. They may offer what seems like a good deal, only for you to realize later on that it wasn’t fair. You need a settlement agreement with an attorney looking out for your best interests. A lawyer can negotiate on your behalf, include litigation costs in your settlement, and ensure you receive the best settlement for your pain and suffering.

Contact an experienced car accident lawyer at the Law Team of Fetterman & Associates, PA. We are more than happy to discuss your case during a no-obligation consultation. Call us at 561-316-2746 or fill out an online contact form to get started.


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Distracted Driving: Growing Epidemic on Roadways

Intoxicated Driving: A Trouble to Society

Decades ago, police officers who stopped a drunk driver frequently would go by the driver’s house to ensure that they remained at home. There only was a small social judgment that was affixed to intoxicated driving.

Due to the work that MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Drivers) and similar foundations have had on society, all of that has changed. Nowadays, intoxicated drivers are seen as a trouble to society which should be prosecuted, not safeguarded, through the police.

Disturbed motorists, the ones who talk on their cellphone, scan their e-mails, send texts, set their GPS devices when driving, additionally are a substantial threat along the same lines as drunk drivers.

Distracted Driving
Distracted Driving

Texting While Driving Cases Big Trouble

Think of a set of parents who adequately informed their children on the dangers of DWIs, and never considered driving after drinking alcoholic beverages. Those same parents probably do not consider reading emails or texting while driving to be dangerous. Each time a motorist operates an automobile when browsing online, chatting on the phone, or texting, places pedestrians on the sidewalks and other drivers at risk.

At present, new cars come available with all kinds of features which might distract a driver. It’s normal for a mother to drive an automobile full of kids to football practice with a phone glued to her ear, paying attention to her GPS unit, all while various sounds are playing from an iPod, video gaming unit, or DVD player in the back seat. The disturbances she’s dealing with may make her every bit as dangerous to drive as if she’d devoted one hour at a bar.

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Increasing statistics report that distracted drivers should have the same social stigma drunk drivers receive. Studies suggest that motorists under the age of twenty-four include the worst transgressors; but that distracted driving is an increasing problem throughout every age group. As the rate of car accidents and fatalities continues to increase, some feel that the same penalties that drunk drivers face should be applied to distracted drivers.

Luckily, there are attorneys who deal with personal injury law striving to make this occur. It’ll just be a matter of time as the penalties of distracted driving will be just as severe as those of driving while intoxicated.

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What NOT to Do after an Auto Accident

What NOT to do after an Auto AccidentAuto accidents are common and unfortunate events that happen almost every day. Whether the accident is your fault or the fault of the other driver, they can still be tragic and mentally and emotionally damaging. What most people don’t know is that there are a number of things you shouldn’t do after an accident occurs.

If you’re involved in an automobile accident, there are several things you should avoid to protect yourself.

3 Things You Should NOT Do After an Auto Accident

Leave the Scene. As tempting as it may seem to remove yourself from the situation, leaving the scene of an accident is not only unsafe but it can be a criminal act. Not only do you not want to be charged with a crime, but you and the other driver deserve to have justice served or receive insurance compensation to cover the damage to your vehicles. Be sure not to remove or take anything from the accident as well. Everything should be left as is until police officials arrive.

Speak Too Soon. It is human nature to apologize after someone is hurt or to find out what happened right away and solve the problem, but speaking too soon can do more harm than good.

While it’s okay to ask the other driver if he or she is okay, or if they need any help, do not apologize. This can lead you to admit fault or even apologize for something that may not have been your fault. Because tension and emotions can be high at the scene of an accident, sometimes avoiding conversation with the other driver altogether can prevent any arguments or quarrels.

It is important not to admit fault when you’re speaking with a police officer or insurance company, but lying is also an inappropriate response. Be honest but allow the insurance company or authority personnel to determine fault. Remember, anything you say can be used against you.

Talk to Insurance Agencies.Your first thought immediately following an accident may be to immediately call your insurance agency, but wait patiently until you have spoken with a trusted attorney or lawyer. Insurance agencies will only be looking out for their best interests rather than yours; they will do and use whatever is necessary against you to provide you with the smallest amount of compensation as possible. In fact, many insurance companies want you to admit fault so that they don’t have to cover the damage in the event of an accident. Some companies will even take advantage of you in such a sensitive state.

Speaking with the insurance company or attorney of the other driver should be avoided as well. They have their client’s best interests in mind, not yours. Therefore, they will seek money from you rather than having to pay for their client’s vehicle and damages.

Talk to Knowledgeable Car Accident Attorney Today

Accidents can be tragic enough without all of the pressure from other attorneys and insurance companies. If you have been involved in an auto accident, contact The Law Team of Fetterman & Associates immediately at 561-983-4771 for a free case evaluation. We have experienced and knowledgeable car accident attorneys who are available and ready to represent you in a car accident case. The law team at Fetterman & Associates really does have your best interests in mind, and will work to ensure you receive the justice and settlement you deserve.

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