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Common Causes of Motorcycles Crashes

By The LawTeam, In Motorcycle Accident, On 29, May, 2019

Did you know that for every mile traveled, a motorcyclist is about 28 times more likely to die? Unlike a…

Who’s Responsible for Your Motorcycle Crash Injuries?

By lawteam, In Motorcycle Accident, On 13, March, 2019

After a vehicle crash in Florida, injured parties typically seek compensation for medical bills and lost wages through their own…

Motorcycle Accidents a Year Round Risk in West Palm Beach

By The LawTeam, In Motorcycle Accident, On 10, January, 2019

While May is designated as Motorcycle Safety Month, in the state of Florida motorcycle accidents are a danger year-round. Motorcycles…

5 Safety Tips to Avoid Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

By The LawTeam, In Motorcycle Accident, On 07, September, 2018

Every time you turn on the news, there are new reports of catastrophic motorcycle accidents. An early morning crash in…

What You Need to Know About Motorcycle Accidents in Florida

By The LawTeam, In Motorcycle Accident, On 10, August, 2018

Motorcycle accidents are a startlingly frequent occurrence on the nation’s roads. In fact, almost 5,000 people died in motorcycle accidents…

Essential Motorcycle Safety Tips

By The LawTeam, In Motorcycle Accident, On 03, May, 2018

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, so here are some Motorcycle safety tips. Motorcycle-related deaths have risen significantly since 2000. This is not surprising, given that motorcycle ownership is at an…

Highway Safety: 5 Tips to Avoid Truck Accidents

By The LawTeam, In Car Accidents, Motorcycle Accident, Truck Accidents, On 08, August, 2017

It is a no-brainer that truck accidents can cause rather devastating and lasting injuries. According to a report issued by…

Florida Needs SMART Motorcycle Riders

By The LawTeam, In Motorcycle Accident, On 15, May, 2017

The month of May is very appropriately designated as Motorcycle Safety Awareness month. Spring is in the air and many…

Injuries Common in Motorcycle Accidents

By The LawTeam, In Motorcycle Accident, On 24, March, 2017

The warmer weather of summer is just right around the corner. As the temperature outside heats up, more and more…

Improve Visibility with New Motorcycle Safety Equipment and Gear

By The LawTeam, In Motorcycle Accident, On 19, January, 2017

Visibility is one of the biggest worries when considering the hazards associated with riding a motorcycle. This is one of…


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