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Q: How can I be sure my parent will be properly cared for in a nursing home?

A: Making the decision to place a family member in to a Florida nursing home can be a very difficult decision. You may have guilt or worry about whether your loved one will receive adequate care while in an assisted living facility.

In order to ease your mind about whether you are making the right nursing home facility choice, please read our article entitled For Your Loved One’s Sake: Florida Nursing Home Patient Rights. This article contains a wealth of informative tips about what to look for when choosing a facility.

If your loved one has suffered from Florida nursing home abuse or neglect, you need to contact an attorney. Contact a West Palm Beach nursing home abuse lawyer at Fetterman & Associates for a free, confidential consultation.

Q: Can the nursing home be liable if another resident caused my mother’s injuries?

A: Nursing home and assisted care facility residents in Florida are guaranteed rights under the Nursing Home Reform Act of 1987. The staff and administration of such facilities have a responsibility to provide adequate staffing and supervision to prevent resident on resident assault.

If you suspect that your loved one has endured resident on resident assault or abuse due to lack of staffing or proper procedures in a nursing home, that facility may be liable.

Recent studies have shown evidence that resident on resident assault is an extremely widespread issue, and may be an even greater concern than direct abuse from staff members.

If you feel your loved one has been a victim of resident to resident assault, contact a West Palm Beach nursing home abuse lawyer at Fetterman & Associates.

Their dedicated and experienced professionals will help you to assess the situation and determine the best course of action to ensure that your loved one is safe from resident on resident assault.

Q: I think my loved one is suffering from elder abuse. What do I do?

A: If you believe your loved one is suffering from nursing home abuse, you must act swiftly. You should speak to the nurses and aides about your concerns. Contact the Florida Ombudsman to report Florida nursing home abuse and to receive help for your loved one. You may also wish to file a complaint with the state board of Licensing and Certification.

If your loved one has suffered at the hands of an abuser, contact a West Palm Beach nursing home abuse attorney at Fetterman & Associates. We will guide you through the process of taking legal action against the abusers on behalf of your loved one.

Q: What are some of the most common Florida nursing home injuries?

A: When we place our loved ones into an assisted care facility, we expect them to receive exceptional care. Unfortunately, nursing home injuries-most of which are preventable-are quite common. Some common West Palm Beach nursing home injuries include:

  • Falls
  • Sprains
  • Broken bones
  • Bruising/cuts/scrapes
  • Infections
  • Bed Sores/Pressure Sores
  • Decubitus Ulcers
  • Head Injuries
  • Dehydration
  • Medication Errors
  • Restraint Injuries
  • Sepsis

If your loved one has suffered a nursing home injury, contact a West Palm Beach nursing home abuse attorneys at Fetterman & Associates today. Our West Palm Beach nursing home neglect attorneys will defend the rights of your loved one and fight to ensure that they receive compensation for the injuries they have sustained.

Q: How is a Florida nursing home abuse claim paid? Does the facility or insurance company pay it?

A: If the nursing home facility has insurance, the insurer would be the one to pay the claim. Whenever a Florida nursing home abuse or neglect claim is made, the insurance company is notified immediately.

Believe it or not, not all facilities carry liability insurance, which is a tremendous risk for them. Just one nursing home abuse claim could substantially impact the home. When a claim is made against on uninsured nursing home, the facility would have to pay damages itself or the claim may end up being uncollectible.

An experienced West Palm Beach nursing home abuse lawyers can negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf and help you determine the value of your claim. To find out how we can help you with your case, contact us at 561-845-2510.

Q: How are Florida nursing homes regulated?

A: When you have an elderly family member living in a Florida nursing home, you want to feel comfortable knowing that they are receiving the best care possible. You also want to be reassured that the facility is being regulated and that your loved one is protected from Florida nursing home abuse. Nursing homes are regulated by state and federal laws.

The Nursing Home Reform Act is a federal law that offers protection for nursing home residents. This law was enacted in 1987 and governs facilities that receive funds under Medicaid and Medicare programs. The Nursing Home Reform Act regulates the care, staffing, privacy, recordkeeping and quality of treatment in U.S. nursing homes.

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration’s Bureau of Long Term Care Services oversees the state licensure and Medicare and Medicaid certification of nursing homes throughout the state. The Florida Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program also advocates for the rights of nursing home residents.

If you suspect that your loved one has been the victim of nursing home neglect or abuse, contact a West Palm Beach nursing home abuse lawyer at Fetterman & Associates.

Q: A close family member is in a nursing home and is not getting the treatment and care she deserves. What can we do?

A: Every nursing home has an Ombudsman and your family member, or their health surrogate should have been given information on who the Ombudsman for the facility is and how they can be contacted. The Ombudsman is a representative of the state of Florida whose job it is to try to resolve problems between the facility and its patients. If the issue cannot be resolved, you should file a complaint with the Ombudsman who can order an investigation. It is also your right to call an attorney.

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