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Q: Who is responsible if I am attacked in a shopping complex?

A: Business owners may not always be liable for crimes occurring on their property. However, if there are patterns of crimes or danger on or near their property, they are obligated to enact safety measures.

In the state of Florida, business owners have a legal obligation to instate reasonable security measures to prevent danger to anyone on their property; failure to do so is known as security negligence.

If you or a loved one has been the victim of a violent crime or experienced losses, death or injury due to security negligence in Florida, it is important to contact an experienced West Palm Beach injury attorney.

If you have been the victim of a violent crime due to security negligence, be sure to get the information you need and make sure your rights are protected.

Q: The train tracks malfunctioned and my car was hit. Is the train company liable?

A: Establishing your Port St. Lucie railroad injury case is no simple task—namely due to the number of variables and factors that must be considered.

However, the number one cause of most train accidents is human error; if the accident was due to negligence on the part of the operator, you could be due compensation. If you or anyone you know has been injured due to a serious accident related to train crossings, it is imperative to contact an experienced Port St. Lucie personal injury attorney.

Dealing with a serious Florida train crossing accident can be a drain on your time and finances. If you or your family have fallen victim to a serious Florida train crossing accident, contact a Port St. Lucie personal injury attorney from Fetterman & Associates at 561-845-2510.

Q: My baby’s injury is due to failure to perform a timely C-section; could my doctor be liable?

A: Adding a new member to your family should be a joyous time–full of nothing but celebration and happiness. However due to the high speeds and confusion of birthing facilities, there are many circumstances where errors in judgment on the part of medical staff could affect the health and well being of your little one for life.

Cesarean-sections (C-section) are among the most commonly performed surgeries in the U.S., and must be performed extremely rapidly after the need has been clearly established. When an obstetrician fails to perform a timely C-section, the damage can be extensive—and in some cases, permanent.

Because standards for medical malpractice vary by jurisdiction, it is important to contact a local authority on the subject if you if you or a loved one has experienced medical malpractice in West Palm Beach.

Q: I slipped and fell on a wet floor in a store. Can I sue for my injuries?

A: If you slip and fall in a store, you may have a case. It all depends upon the details of the situation. In order to receive compensation for your injuries in a West Palm Beach slip and fall accident, you must prove that the store was negligent.

An example of negligence would be if there was a spill in the store that the staff knew about, but there was no effort to clean it up and no signage indicating the presence of liquid on the floor.

If another customer dropped a gallon of milk and you immediately slipped and fell in it, you would not have a very good case. This is because there is not much the store could have done to prevent you from falling since they were unaware of the situation.

Another example of negligence could occur after the spillage. If an employee mopped up the spilled milk, but failed to place a wet floor sign, this would constitute negligence on the store’s part.

Overall, the answer to this question depends heavily upon how long the floor was wet, whether the staff was aware of the situation and how the situation was handled.

If you were injured in a Florida slip and fall accident, contact a West Palm Beach injury attorney at Fetterman & Associates. We will meet with you for a free consultation to determine if you have a personal injury case.

Q: What does the term “defective product” mean?

A: A “defective product” is a product that causes some injury or harm as a result of a defect in the way the product was manufactured, labeled or used. A person who is harmed by a defective product may seek compensation from the manufacturer. They may also seek compensation from those who were involved in the chain of commerce as well.

The injuries sustained from a defective product may be very clear, such as a wreck caused by faulty brakes, or less clear, such as harmful side effects that onset many years after taking an improperly tested prescription drug.

If you believe you have been injured by a defective product, call to speak with one of our West Palm Beach personal injury lawyers today.

Q: When is a store responsible if a fall occurs on their premises?

A: A fall in a store is an area of law known as premises liability. The store or person in control of the premises is responsible for the fall if their negligence in some way caused the fall. The mere fact that the fall occurred there is not sufficient. The law requires that the store be responsible if, through one of its employees, the store caused the hazard which resulted in the fall or, if the hazard was caused by someone else, that the hazard was there long enough that the store should have found it and corrected it before the fall occurred.

Q: Is there a typical settlement amount for a personal injury case?

A: There is no “typical” settlement amount for a personal injury case. The reasonable amount for settlement is determined by a number of factors which are unique to each injured person. These factors include: the amount of reasonable and necessary medical bills; the amount of any wage loss caused by the injuries; the nature and extent of the injuries; whether the injuries are permanent; and the probable need/cost of additional and necessary medical treatment in the future. Although there is no set amount, an experienced personal injury lawyer will be able to advise what would be a reasonable settlement once those factors are known.

Q: How can “good” weather cause West Palm Beach truck accidents?

A: Most Florida days are absolutely beautiful. Sunny and warm without a cloud in the sky-surely this could never be seen as “inclement weather.”

While this type of weather is ideal for the beach, it can be dangerous-even fatal-on Florida roads. Here are just a few factors that can turn a gorgeous day into one you will never forget:

  • Sun: You may not think that something so bright could actually decrease truck visibility in West Palm Beach, but many early-morning commuters have found that to be exactly the case. The sun shining in a driver’s eyes or muddling the color of a stoplight can affect stopping, and in some cases render the driver blind.
  • Long nights: The threat doesn’t stop when the sun goes down. Summer weather continues into the night, encouraging late-night parties that add to the number of drunk drivers in West Palm Beach. Many of these will enter a highway in the very early morning-peak hours for a truck accident.
  • Higher traffic: These beautiful days often carry a greater risk of an accident purely because everyone is out enjoying it. A higher population density means more accidents, especially when driving near cities where different types of fair-weather vehicles will be used.

Don’t let a Florida truck accident spoil the rest of your days. Get help today by calling the experienced personal injury attorneys at Fetterman & Associates at 561-845-2510.

Q: I was badly injured after my West Palm Beach truck accident. How can I get evidence in my case?

A: Since much of the relevant evidence in a West Palm Beach truck accident is collected hours after the crash, you may be tempted to investigate the scene while you wait for the emergency crews to arrive.

While it’s a good idea to take pictures and write down contact information, many people are too injured after a semi crash to take on this responsibility. We have seen countless West Palm Beach accident victims who were unable to collect vital information after the crash for a number of reasons:

  • The victim was unconscious, too injured to move, or pinned inside the vehicle
  • Medical crews told them to remain still
  • Victims were panicked or in a state of shock
  • They were administering medical help to children or other passengers

As experienced Florida semi crash attorneys, we know that truck accident victims are not only in extreme pain, but they are also at an extremely unfair disadvantage. In the moments after the accident, the trucking company’s insurance adjusters and investigators will likely be on their way, and you have no one on your side doing the same for you-until now.

Fetterman & Associates can collect evidence on your behalf, including accident reconstruction and expert testimony to discover who was at fault for your injury. Call us at 561-845-2510 for free consultation.

Q: How do I know if an attorney is qualified to handle my West Palm Beach truck accident case?

A: Dealing with the aftermath of a West Palm Beach semi accident can be a long and painful process. You’ve decided to get a lawyer and seek justice for your injuries, but the options are overwhelming. Who can you trust to represent you, and how do you know they will be able to get you the amount you need to recover?

Before retaining a truck accident attorney in West Palm Beach, always ask the following questions:

  • Is the attorney familiar with wrongful death cases due to truck accidents?
  • How many truck-specific injury cases has the attorney handled?
  • Will the attorney have the crash scene investigated and photographed?
  • Does the attorney often seek expert witnesses to testify in truck accident cases?
  • Is the attorney familiar with state rules and regulations regarding truck drivers and trucking companies?

An experienced Florida semi crash attorney should be able to provide case results, references and personal testimonials of satisfied clients. Call Fetterman & Associates today at 561-845-2510.

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