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My experience has been…very comforting and…it’s been great, it’s been great, from the beginning until today. I felt protected, safe, secure. Oh my god, I’m going to cry.

And how wonderful this whole experience…which could have been totally disasterous and awful and ugly and dark and how just much more wonderful it became…

When I came down here to Florida, we didn’t know too many people. And then I got a job and then I knew a couple more people, then I got cancer.

Fetterman just kind became a second family. Melissa my case manager was absolutely wonderful and a great support. Evan was a great support. And I felt comforted through the whole thing, their advice was right on, it was on spot. It was perfect. And during this whole thing I always felt safe, secure and almost like a second family. I still feel that way. And now that we’re coming to the end, it’s going to be hard to say goodbye. I was pleased at the dignity and respect in the way I was treated by Fetterman & Associates and I just can’t say enough about how safe and secure I felt and much like a family they all have been.

October 30, 2015

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