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Ronald R.

The Law Team Helps Family Members With Personal Injury Claims

Yes I came to Fetterman & Associates to handle one of my cases when my wife got into an accident. And Very Very courteous. They worked very well with us. They handled everything, they took care of our doctors, they took care of my wife when she had her accident. And again my daughter had an accident a couple years ago which automatically we came to Evan Fetterman and he has handled that case superbly. He took care of my daughter, he was very concerned with her because she is a singer and it affected her neck and throat. He made sure everything got done properly and that she is on her way now and she’s back at college and singing.

I have to say that anybody that I know that gets into an accident, I would definitely recommend Evan Fetterman. He is so conscious and concerned about your well-being. They call you, they keep in contact with you, they make sure you see your doctors and he just personally cares about you!

September 4, 2015

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